Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Being absolutely SO MAD

Is it really possible to be so mad at someone you just can't stand it?? Um...yes. And I am talking about my LANDLORD.
We have lived at this house for 2 and a half years now and it really is a beautiful country house. Everything we wanted. 3 bedrooms, 1 1/2 bath, an extra room for the kiddos play room, and an office for a price that couldn't be beat.
Promises, Promises.
Our dryer has no vent to the outside to let the air out while the dryer is going. So, where does it go but in the house. He promised us he would have a hole drilled in the side of the house to allow the ventilation to go to the outside. Never done. After 2 1/2 years. And yes we have repeatedly told him about the ventilation. His answer..."Well, it helps heat the home in the winter, hahaha." Not a friggen joke Mr. Landlord.
While I was cleaning the downstairs bathroom yesterday, I looked up. And what do I see??
All on the walls and ceiling going into the basement. Unacceptable. And the fact that he won't/hasn't done anything about makes me even more mad. Now, because of his laziness, I have to spend time (that is very hard to come by these days) to look for another house. Thanks Mr. Landlord, if that's what you want to call yourself. I took pictures of everything that is wrong with this house and the mold of course.
My kids have CF!!! He knows this. I don't care if they didn't, this is unacceptable. But they do, and I guess it makes me even more mad. He doesn't care. THESE ARE MY KIDS' LIVES YOU ARE MESSING WITH AND NOW YOU MUST MESS WITH ME!!!!
Now, I wonder if this has been causing damage to them. If it's on the walls, you know darn well, it's IN the walls. We have to be out of here before the cold weather hits because I am not turning the heat on and letting us breathe that crap in. I am so mad!!!!!
Starting to pack tonight. Haven't found a place yet, but come the end of next week we will. By November 1st we are out of here and then I am going to send in the papers I get (after contacting the Dept. of Health) and have someone actually come out and look at this house to see how bad it really is.
Unacceptable. Some, unfortunately, are just in it for the money. Sad.
Asking for prayers beyond belief and overtime here for us that we find a place withing the next week.

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  1. Oh Erica i'd be absolutely fuming too!! I guess the best thing you can do is to get out of there as soon as possible however you shouldn't have to if that makes sense. Your landlord has a duty to maintain the property (well that is how it works over here I think).

    I'm so mad for you and now you have the added stress of finding a suitable place, whilst dreading having your kids in their home.

    I'm sending you every vibe I have that you can get this sorted as quickly and as stress free as possible.