Friday, August 27, 2010

All I Can Say Is WOW!!!

OK, today was a really good day. It's Friday and kids were behaving well for me today. Managed to get school in and Hunter has his first test on Monday in Bible. He has memorized 2 verses really well, among other things. Reading really coming along too.

Friday nights are grocery shopping nights and we usually grab a bite to eat at either Mc Donald's or Burger King.

Tonight...was Burger King.

No problem!! Hunter opted to go for the the Whopper Value Meal instead of the big kids meal with a toy. Shocker!!!! So we got it for him. Now, mind you not, this is a 6 year old who weighs in at 75 pounds as of last week. I didn't think he would be able to do it.


Don't EVER underestimate a child and their appetite!!!!

He finished the whole thing. MAN OH MAN!!

Ren had a big kids meal instead of a regular kids meal and she finished all of that as well.

My little chunk!

Where in the world am I going to find the money to not only keep food in the house now, but when they are teenagers!!!! Is it possible?? I pray that it is and it will be. It's hard enough now to keep food in the house until Wednesday before going back to the store for more.

I'm ok with that though. My kids are healthy, strong kids. That's all I ask for.

Way To Go Hunter!!!

What is Cystic Fibrosis? And Who Does it Affect?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sweetly Broken - Jeremy Riddle [LYRICS]

This song is me. I hold this song very close to my heart. I love this song with all my heart and soul. I ask you to push play, close your eyes, and give everything you have to God Himself. Let him reign and surrender yourself!!

What Can I Say, Except...It's All Good.

So, good news... Hunter is started to get better each and every day. This antibiotic (omnicef) has really started to work. Treatments upon treatments and his meds, it's going really good. I just don't think the last antibiotic he was on did anything for him still had it the whole time.
Ren has been doing well too. No signs of a sore throat with her and just treatments as well.
So this is great news!!
Yesterday was kinda a rough day with Hunter not feeling well at all, but the mommy (and teacher) in me still wanted to get school in. And we did. Just not to the extent that we normally do. Today, however, was a great day in school. Today, we focused on studying the Bible. He's memorized two bible verses and did a lot of worksheets and I have actually given him "homework" to do as well. My mom kinda thinks that's funny being that he is homeschooled and having "home"work. It did make me laugh!! :)
I wanted BOTH kids to get naps in. I know with Hunter being 6, he wouldn't require one, but with him being sick with Strep, I wanted him to get his rest. They both got some really good rest in today. Yippee!!
I have been able to get some "me"time--nice and quiet, which is slim to none. Haha.
Tomorrow is Friday and I love Fridays because that just means the weekend and I get help from daddy with the kids on the weekend. Not that he doesn't help during the week, I just get to take a break (if you call it that) from everything I do during the week.
I love my hubby for all that he does and couldn't ask for anyone better that works so hard for us and takes care of us all like he does.
I am truly blessed with wonderful parents, a wonderful husband, and the best two children in the world.
Thank you Lord Jesus for all that you have given me.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

So Today Was About One Thing...Bleach

This wasn't even all the toys--this was about HALF!!!!
More books--less toys!
So, Hunter has strep right?
My fear is Ren catching it.

The OCD kicked in me today.

Hubby always thought I had it since I am so concerned and worried about having a clean house.

I am one that would clean 3 times a week.

I'm not kidding, I started to think I had it. But I just think it's me wanting things clean, especially since the kids have CF.



Well, it kicked in today-BIG TIME! I took all the kids' toys, dumped what I could into the bath, and poured bleach, a lot of it in there. I wanted to get as much of it out of the house as possible. I worked my butt off today.

Considering I just cleaned the house yesterday, since finding out Hunter has strep I cleaned it all again, and again.

Hunter woke up this morning feeling horrible. The first thing he asked for when he woke up was his antibiotic. I felt so bad for him and just wanted to take it from him.

If I could take anything away from the kids, it would be the CF. I used to pray and pray that God would just give the CF to me and let the kids live a normal, healthy life.

That's not God's plan.

These kids are going to serve a very special purpose in this world and do something amazing even having CF.

Gave treatments today between cleaning and antibiotics.

Hunter seems to be feeling better now, but I just hope and pray to God that Ren doesn't catch any of this, let along daddy or myself.

We're not sure if Hunter is a carrier of the strep or not. Not sure if the last antibiotic he was on just didn't kick it out of him or if he is just growing the bacteria and it hasn't hit the worse stage yet.

This antibiotic seems to be helping after just 3 doses. So fingers crossed.

It has been a loooong day and I am actually looking forward to putting the kids down tonight and getting a good nights rest, if that's possible.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Another Antibiotic-Different Child

So Hunter has been complaining of a sore throat since Friday.
Mommy's thinking...Here we go again.
Coughing, sore throat, not being able to sleep because of it.
He was just tested for strep about a month ago and tested positive. Given antibiotics for it and then it either came back or never left. I think it never went away. Last night was the straw for me. He had such a hard time swallowing. I called last night and left a message (with it being Sunday) with the CF Doctor. She calls me back this morning and tells me to take him to the pediatricians office. Ok, no problem. Well, she went on to tell me that there is a virus going around where it causes painful bumps in the back of the throat. Great, huh.
The weird thing is, is that Ren just got off of 14 days of omnicef for a cough that she had. I'm wondering if these kids are passing it back and forth.
Hunter was put on a different antibiotic this time, and praying that it works.
The throat swabs are the WORSE for him. Hunter has severe Dr. anxiety and this time he actually did NOT hit or kick the Dr.!!! This is huge. He still wasn't happy about it and I think if the door was open to the room he would have bolted.
So, we will see where these next 10 days take us with him being on the different antibiotic and praying that Ren does not catch this. He doesn't know it yet, but we are taking him back in 12 days to retested to make sure it is gone.
This is the first year we have had to deal with strep and it's just so weird that he tested positive again.
My kids are so used to pain that I think Hunter was hurting a lot sooner than these past few days, but, weird to say, with as much as they have been through and the pain they go through sometimes, they just live with it until they can't any longer.
I thought having babies that couldn't tell you what was wrong was bad, but it's even worse when you have kids that can talk and tell you what hurts but they don't:
Fear of Drs?
Fear of needles?
Another medication?
I just wish they would tell me so I could fix their boo boos. Before it gets to the point they are hurting so much.
Asking for prayers.