Friday, August 27, 2010

All I Can Say Is WOW!!!

OK, today was a really good day. It's Friday and kids were behaving well for me today. Managed to get school in and Hunter has his first test on Monday in Bible. He has memorized 2 verses really well, among other things. Reading really coming along too.

Friday nights are grocery shopping nights and we usually grab a bite to eat at either Mc Donald's or Burger King.

Tonight...was Burger King.

No problem!! Hunter opted to go for the the Whopper Value Meal instead of the big kids meal with a toy. Shocker!!!! So we got it for him. Now, mind you not, this is a 6 year old who weighs in at 75 pounds as of last week. I didn't think he would be able to do it.


Don't EVER underestimate a child and their appetite!!!!

He finished the whole thing. MAN OH MAN!!

Ren had a big kids meal instead of a regular kids meal and she finished all of that as well.

My little chunk!

Where in the world am I going to find the money to not only keep food in the house now, but when they are teenagers!!!! Is it possible?? I pray that it is and it will be. It's hard enough now to keep food in the house until Wednesday before going back to the store for more.

I'm ok with that though. My kids are healthy, strong kids. That's all I ask for.

Way To Go Hunter!!!

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