Monday, August 23, 2010

Another Antibiotic-Different Child

So Hunter has been complaining of a sore throat since Friday.
Mommy's thinking...Here we go again.
Coughing, sore throat, not being able to sleep because of it.
He was just tested for strep about a month ago and tested positive. Given antibiotics for it and then it either came back or never left. I think it never went away. Last night was the straw for me. He had such a hard time swallowing. I called last night and left a message (with it being Sunday) with the CF Doctor. She calls me back this morning and tells me to take him to the pediatricians office. Ok, no problem. Well, she went on to tell me that there is a virus going around where it causes painful bumps in the back of the throat. Great, huh.
The weird thing is, is that Ren just got off of 14 days of omnicef for a cough that she had. I'm wondering if these kids are passing it back and forth.
Hunter was put on a different antibiotic this time, and praying that it works.
The throat swabs are the WORSE for him. Hunter has severe Dr. anxiety and this time he actually did NOT hit or kick the Dr.!!! This is huge. He still wasn't happy about it and I think if the door was open to the room he would have bolted.
So, we will see where these next 10 days take us with him being on the different antibiotic and praying that Ren does not catch this. He doesn't know it yet, but we are taking him back in 12 days to retested to make sure it is gone.
This is the first year we have had to deal with strep and it's just so weird that he tested positive again.
My kids are so used to pain that I think Hunter was hurting a lot sooner than these past few days, but, weird to say, with as much as they have been through and the pain they go through sometimes, they just live with it until they can't any longer.
I thought having babies that couldn't tell you what was wrong was bad, but it's even worse when you have kids that can talk and tell you what hurts but they don't:
Fear of Drs?
Fear of needles?
Another medication?
I just wish they would tell me so I could fix their boo boos. Before it gets to the point they are hurting so much.
Asking for prayers.


  1. Prayers coming your way Mate, hope both rugrats are back on track again real soon.
    I can certainly relate to the pain part, Ari is the same. What normally is a tell tale for him is he will climb on our lap and stay for a long snuggle........warning bells for us. (He is very loving just normally on the go)


  2. Lots of love coming your way Erica. I too can relate so much to this post. You could have actually of been writing it about Sophie! She has serious dr anxiety too and never tells me something hurts until it gets really bad. As you said, they go through so much that their pain threshold must be really high. Doesn't make us Mummy's feel any better though! Really hope the antibiotics do the trick and he's back to normal quickly.
    Take care