Thursday, December 9, 2010

Some Good News At Least

Hunter has been on Omnicef for two weeks now with this stuffy nose, non-draining, thing he has going on. The antibiotic FINALLY started to kick in within the past few days. Along with the antis come treatments and allergy meds as well that I think has helped. So that is GREAT news for us.

Serenity, I really don't have much to say about her but that she is doing really, really well.

Homeschooling is still a priority in this house. It has to be the best decision we have ever made. Hunter is scoring A's and B's in Math, Science, Grammar, Bible, and History. It makes me so happy that he is doing so well.

Got a call this morning from the kids' nutritionist with the results of their labs they had done a couple weeks ago. Both kids are showing low levels of Vitamin D. Out of 40, Ren scored 35 and Hunter scored 36. So now they are taking supplements for that. One more thing added to the meds list. I guess I'm just thankful that it wasn't anything major. ALTHOUGH, their next visit, which is January 18, they need to do labs again. Not good. It's so hard with all the screaming, kicking, and hitting oh and Hunter praying to Jesus that he saves him. He was crying out to Jesus that He saves him. It was the funniest thing in the world, but shows me how much he still, even at 7, how hard it is for him to be doing all of this.

I've just been so unbelievably tired this last week for some reason. I could just sleep. I just WANT to be able to sleep. So much going on. I just keep going and hubby is the sweetest thing on the weekends to let me sleep in. He knows what I have to do during the week with the kids, and maybe I'm just exhausted by the time Friday comes. I don't know. Some days are good and some are not, as with most moms. I just have to snap out of this funk I'm in and turn things around, which thanks to my mom and talking to her I am doing.

My kids are doing well. Hubby is well as am I. What more can I ask for? Well...sleep maybe.

Alvin and The Chipmunks: The Christmas Song

Love Love Love it!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Time and Change

Where does the time go? Life seems to be getting more and more crazy. Treatments, meds, homeschooling, feeding them, then before I know it it's dinner time and there goes another day. These days are going by way to fast. My kids are growing up right before my eyes and the only thing I ever want them to remember is how mommy worked so stinkin hard for them and for them to be proud of me. But, it seems like there is just not enough time in the day to "just play". So, that's changing. I'm finding more one on one time with the kids and it's truly amazing how they act after. It's almost like a changed child. I think all the acting up was them wanting my attention. Although I give it to them in many different forms during the day, it's never just "mommy and me." It's nurse or school teacher. The thing I realized was that it's never to late to make that change. Yes, the light bulb came on for me!! I get so wrapped up in the things the kids need and lose focus on what they are really wanting from me. It's HARD!!
On a different note, Hunter is doing better. I think, well I know, the antibiotic (omnicef), has finally kicked in for him. And with the help of one of my really good friends (Melissa), your advice on getting the nite light vicks vapor has been going every night and now Hunter is able to sleep a good nights sleep. Ren is jealous that she doesn't have one. Thankful she doesn't need it at this point. He wakes up every morning and just says "I got sleep last night mommy." Thank God! Thanks girl!!!
Christmas is quickly approaching and I just want to remind everyone as I have to remind myself, it's NOT about the gifts or the number of gifts. The true meaning of Christmas is when God Himself gave us the gift of Jesus. That's all. Now, of course my kiddos are going to get something, don't get me wrong, but not so much this year. They will know and understand what God has given to us to save us, Jesus. We lose focus on that this time of season. I just want people in the back of their minds to keep Jesus in it and rell your children about the true meaning of Christmas. One year, Hunter and I even mad a birthday cake for Jesus!! It was the best thing.
I just want to thank everyone for their support when I am going through a really hard time. I have taken on an awful lot and trying to constantly change everything as my kids are changing. Homeschooling takes a lot. I HAVE to make sure and you better know I don't go easy on my kids when it comes to school. Hunter has been grading A's and B's, couldn't be more proud of him. Everything just takes such a toll on me that I am tired all the time and hoping for Friday when it's just Monday. I need to change my outlook on that as well AND I will.
I love my babies and I absolutely adore my husband who has stuck by me through the very thickest of thick and the thinnest of thin. Always there to provide and make sure that we have what we NEED not really WANT. He's amazing and anyone would truly be lucky to know him personally. I love you Brandon!!