Friday, November 26, 2010

Kutless - Strong Tower

Need I say more?? Thank you Lord for being my Strongtower. No matter what!!! I love the Lord and not ashamed to share His word or music!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

So Thankful!!

Plain and simple.
I am thankful for my wonderful little family, my mom and dad, my brothers and extended family. My kiddos are healthy, had a great turkey dinner tonight!! Even though my brother and his fam had been sick and my dad came down sick, it was just us. But... it was awesome!!! I made the turkey and garlic and cheese mashed potoates, we also had green bean casserole. YUM!!
I'm just thankful for my kids so much and my husband. I love them with all my heart.
And I thank the Lord above for providing us with the things we need, not necessarily want. He is good all the time.
Hope everyone else had a wonderful turkey day!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cystic Fibrosis - Awareness

God Bless my babies for being so strong and fighting the fight. God Bless all the thousands of others out there, young and old, for fighting the fight. We will find a cure. We will. God has a special purpose for my kids. God has a special purpose for everyone. They are amazing and I envy them. I look up to my kids even though they look up to me. They are both so much stronger than I will ever be.

I love you Hunter and Ren with all my heart.

Love, Mommy

What A Day!!

So a lot has happened since I was last online. We moved and love the new place. Mold free!!
I'm still homeschooling, potty training Ren now and she is doing so well. She's almost there. And just busy being a mom, adminstering meds and doing treatments.
Today was the kids' CF appt up in Chicago. 8am appt. which meant leaving here at 5:30. The only reason I made it this early was because it was a reschedule and this was the only time available before the Thanksgiving. Blah!
Hunter and Serenity both did their PFT's first and they both did really well. Talked to their Dr. about a problem with Hunter that has been an issue for the past couple of months. His sinuses have been HORRIBLE!! He's on the nasacort, zyrtec, and on singulair. His Dr. seems to think their is something going on, maybe a sinus infection. He's now on Ominef and praying this knocks it out of him. She is going to check his culture and see if pseudemonous is growing, and of course, if that's the case, he will be put on Tobi. But if the culture comes out negative and the anti isn't working, she will switch antibiotics. We have a return appt. in 6 weeks and if he is still not any better, she will refer us to an ENT. Then come to find out that his results from the PFT went from the mid 90's like they normally are down to 84. I'm concerned but know and was reassured that it could very well be something going on with his sinuses causing him to work harder when he breathes and affect him. His nose sounds full, but it is so dry. Nothing will come out. So, one step at a time. The last time he was on Tobi was when he was 3 months old. I remember it being VERY time consuming though.
Ren is doing extremely well. Both kids are in the 95% on their growth charts. I'm a proud momma and proud of us parents that kick butt to keep our kiddos at their very best.
And at the very end of the appt. we had labs. Not good. Ren had to get poked twice. Hunter started crying and screaming because Ren was. He was yelling at the lady "She's my best friend!!" Then when it was Hunters turn, when she got the needle in, he was calling out Jesus' name. "Jesus!! Jesus!!" Wanting Jesus to save him. I had to chuckle but then got "the look" from Hunter because he saw me smile. Yikes. The lady asked if he is a kicker and of course I said yes. I wonder...will they ever be ok with any of this stuff in the future?
I will post a lot more now that I am back online. Hope all is well with everyone!! Love to all my friends and family!!