Thursday, August 26, 2010

What Can I Say, Except...It's All Good.

So, good news... Hunter is started to get better each and every day. This antibiotic (omnicef) has really started to work. Treatments upon treatments and his meds, it's going really good. I just don't think the last antibiotic he was on did anything for him still had it the whole time.
Ren has been doing well too. No signs of a sore throat with her and just treatments as well.
So this is great news!!
Yesterday was kinda a rough day with Hunter not feeling well at all, but the mommy (and teacher) in me still wanted to get school in. And we did. Just not to the extent that we normally do. Today, however, was a great day in school. Today, we focused on studying the Bible. He's memorized two bible verses and did a lot of worksheets and I have actually given him "homework" to do as well. My mom kinda thinks that's funny being that he is homeschooled and having "home"work. It did make me laugh!! :)
I wanted BOTH kids to get naps in. I know with Hunter being 6, he wouldn't require one, but with him being sick with Strep, I wanted him to get his rest. They both got some really good rest in today. Yippee!!
I have been able to get some "me"time--nice and quiet, which is slim to none. Haha.
Tomorrow is Friday and I love Fridays because that just means the weekend and I get help from daddy with the kids on the weekend. Not that he doesn't help during the week, I just get to take a break (if you call it that) from everything I do during the week.
I love my hubby for all that he does and couldn't ask for anyone better that works so hard for us and takes care of us all like he does.
I am truly blessed with wonderful parents, a wonderful husband, and the best two children in the world.
Thank you Lord Jesus for all that you have given me.

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