Friday, August 20, 2010

Our Adenture-and YES, it was a Drs Appt.

So, Daddy worked yesterday as he always does and then had to go back in last night to work the midnight shift to have today off for
Hunters appt. Loooong day for me. I thought it would NEVER end. I lay one kid down for bed, the other gets up. Back and forth at least 3 times.
So daddy gets home this morning. Had the kids fed, diaper bag packed and DVD player charged. We were ready.
On the road by 830 for Hunters 1030 appt. We got there right on time. Sign in and he isn't even brought into a room until 1100. OK, patience mommy. The waiting room was packed. Going to be a long day.
The nurse checked his eyes, and noticed that with his left eye, he is tilting his head just a little to the left to compensate for his left eye that has the Duane's in it. His eye muscle will not move the way it should. It doesn't move unless he looks to the right without moving his head and then it shoots upwards. But, his eyesight in general, was perfect. She tells me that his eyes do need to be dilated and then after dilation, the wait would be about an hour before the Dr. calls us in to be checked.
OK, patience mommy, we can deal with that...
So the kids started getting hungry. When aren't they, honestly. No problem. I had packed PB&J for the kids to eat while we were there. NO MEDS!!!! The kids had taken their enzymes out of the diaper bag. They can't eat and they were starving. So, we resorted to a couple bags of fruit snacks for them and held them over for about 5 mins.
So, I'm thinking, we are 2 hours away from home and no meds for them to eat. We have lunch and dinner to go. Hmmmm, lovely.
So, then the lady calls Hunter in to go in for his drops. Well, Hunter in the bathroom Miss. She tells me, "It will only take a min for the drops." By that point, I was just frustrated. I'm like, "Hunter is in the BATHROOM!! You can't give him the drops now." Um, are you serious?!?!
So Hunter finally came back and was screeeeeaming when he was getting the drops put in. Hunter has extreme Dr. anxiety and this did not go well at all. Finally got them in.
I called the kids' nurse and nutritionist while we were there to see if we could just go up a couple of floors in the hospital to pick up some enzymes for the kids so they could eat. Thank you Lord, she called back and we got some meds!!! Yay!!!
The whole appt took 2 1/2 hours. It seemed more like a CF clinic visit rather than an eye appt. I drove home and it was literally back to back traffic. We were lucky to move 50 ft in 45 mins.
My stress level was high.
We finally got home around 4 and what a day. I am beat, hubby is beat, and the kids are WIRED!!!
All in all, it was a good appt. only because Hunters results came back great. We don't have to go back for another 9 months, unless of course his eyes get worse. Okay with me!!!
HOME SWEET HOME--the sweetest words I can say right now.

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