Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Special Moments

Tonight is a night where it's time with the family and the kids. Dinner, baths done, and now playing Dinosaurs. I love the special moments I have like this when nothing is planned but playing. Video taping the special moments to look at in the future and enjoy those special moments.
My kiddos are my life. I think that if anyone knows me or knows of me, they know this. Although I am having a hard time balancing treatments, homeschooling, the house, laundry, etc... these times are to be cherished and I don't need a clean house to do this. Cleaning is saved now for the weekends, and lucky daddy!! :)
I hope to figure out how to post video on here, because I just can't and photos (slideshow), but I will. I want to share these moments with everyone in the world.
These are two very special kiddos that God has blessed me with and it would be selfish of me not to let the world see this.
Time to be a T-Rex!!
Later y'all!!


  1. Ugh...Erica, you are one special Mommy. I know, that sometimes, its hard to stop and just be a kid with our kids. I know its hard to not want the house to be perfect, us Mommys to be perfect...its hard to just get in the ground and let it all go to play and be a kid again! AND, you have reminded me that I need to video my kids more....thats something I am very bad at...thanks for that special reminder! LOVE you Erica! Thankful that the Lord brought us together, even in the midst of the darkness...UGLY CF! Not sure why the Lord planned things the He did for Eva Rose...I am so very blessed and thankful. Even though I lived with CF for only 4 months (b/c of the doctors errors and misdiagnosis of CF). It has opened my eyes and my heart to a new world....So hard to explain. All I can say is the love I feel for my children is intoxicating! <3, Devon

  2. Oh and the UGH Erica...is a good UGH, not a bad one!!!! lol, Devon

  3. Thank you so much for the nice comment Devon. I love that we were brought together too even the way we were (CF). I love you too Devon and you are an amazing woman. You are blessed, very blessed. I know you have been through hell and back, as I have too. We get each other, you know? I hope you are doing better with the shingles that you were going through and know that I am here for you NO matter what!!