Sunday, August 29, 2010

Thank You Lord!

So this is how much my kiddos love church. On Monday, "Mommy when do we go to church?" " 6 days dear." Tuesday, "Mommy when do we go to church?" "5 days dear." On and on.
This morning..."Mommy when do we go to church?" "Today!!" The kiddos were so very happy to be going to church. I can't even begin to explain how happy that makes me!
Other than church, nothing really eventful happened today.
We got home from church and daddy fed the kiddos lunch while I was on the phone with my mom double checking on how to make a turkey--low carb style.
Thanks mom!! :)
Making new foods scare me. A little intimidating. I think more so now, that we spend so much money on meats because of the low carb diet Brandon and I are on. I don't want to mess it up.
So, I got the turkey done. YAY!! We all actually laid down this afternoon for some afternoon snoozes and by the time we got up from naps, the turkey was smelling OH SO GOOD!!!
The meat was falling off the bone and was so delicious. I have to pat myself on the back this time. Brandon said that it tasted better than my Thanksgiving and Christmas turkey I made last year. I think that's good, right?
So tonight, just kicking back and going to play a board game with the kiddos until bedtime. I can't believe that tomorrow if Monday already. Why does it seem like the weekends are going by faster and faster?
All in all, it was a wonderful day.


  1. Hey girly,

    Glad our babies love to go to church. Loved the songs they sang to us very (LOUD), but sweet. Wouldn't have changed a thing. Little missy sure loves to hear her own voice, that's for sure.

    You're welcome about the low carb turkey and glad it came out great! Sure would have hated you to post that you asked for my help and it turned out to be awful... ha ha!

    Glad to know you feel your weekends are going by just as fast as ours. I guess that's why we all appreciate Fridays so much.

    Take care and give kiddo's hugs and kisses from Nana and Papa. Big kick in the bum to you both!

    Love you all so very much!

  2. Yes--Ren does like to hear her own voice. Sometimes too much :) Weekends do fly by that's for sure.

    We love you guys and looking forward to coming over on Saturday--to do laundry of course j/k :)

  3. Got to have the kiddo's sing Happy Birthday to Nana too! Don't forget that too!!