Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Parents Decision--It's OUR Decision

So... I wish I could feel comfortable enough of sending Hunter to public school. Well... I don't and I have very good reason for feeling this way. We enrolled him into a public school when he was aged 3 and in pre-school. Thought, this is great. Hunter in school, Ren will be taking naps, and I get some ME time. Well, the time comes to asking Hunter how school went. Teachers, friends, everything great. I ask him, "Did they give you your meds?" "Well, yeah mommy. I had to ask them."

NOT ACCEPTABLE!!! Especially when you put so much time into making a plan that the State is to follow to make sure any "special needs" kiddos get what they need.

This didn't happen once, twice, but on a continuous basis.

I even spoke to his teacher about this as well as the nurse. Are you serious. Can this be?? A plan that HAS to be followed by law, not be taken seriously by the Board of Education?

Yes. It happened, too, too many times. I was fed up with it. Sure, I could fight it. I could and I would have. I would have won.

I got to thinking, even if I won and the school was in the wrong, could I still trust them with my sons health.

Simple answer...NO.

This wasn't only my decision, but Brandon and I both made this one together.

Homeschooling it was. I could do it.

SSI for both kids, which meant, I don't have to work. Brandon works a full-time job and supports us very well and the insurance is excellent.

I can do this. I can and I will. So, I am.

Mornings...treatments for both. That doesn't go bad since cartoons are on.

Breakfast next, then school. Sometimes, I decide to pick up some around the house before school.

Schooling takes most of the day. Some days are better than others. It's hard to teach when your kid is sick, but I do. To an extent.

I figure, if he was in public school he would be out a long time because of a sickness. At least I am still teaching him, even when he is sick.


I home school during the summer as well. I still give them the time to have fun but even during the summer they get school.

Again...better to be ahead than behind. This helps them for when they do get sick.

Lunch comes and then naps for Ren.

School for Hunter.
Then, 2 more rounds of treatments before bedtime.

The days do get hard. (mom you know :)) The kids go outside and have extra-curricular activities to be with other kids and socialize.

I have to say that even though the decision was mine and Brandon's to home-school, never, and I mean NEVER in my life have I ever gotten so much negative feedback for doing something that we felt is right.

I'm saying certain family members, their Dr's. It got to be ridiculous.

You guys are not here every day and have to second guess if YOUR child got his meds to be able to eat that day. If he did eat, did he get his meds. If I EVER have to doubt the integrity of someone or their capabilities of watching over my children when I am not there, I'm taking them out of the situation.

I'm their mom. I am here to protect them, their health.

No one will ever understand what a parent has to go through on a daily basis with a child with a condition, let a lone 2, to make sure they get what they need to succeed in the world today.

If you're not going through it and you have something negative to say, keep it to yourself.

You don't have a clue.

My children are our lives and I will make sure, with all that I have, that they will be the most successful in whatever they want to do.


  1. Well said and I can't blame you for home schooling them. I give you kuddos for being able to do it. Before Courtney even started school I said she would go to a public school why my husband though maybe home schooling. Needless to say she is in a public school went to head start two years ago and loved the nurse well when she started Kindergarten I didn't like the nurse but dealt with it because it was only a half a day and I gave her pills before I took her to school for lunch. This year new nurse and between Courtney, her teacher and the nurse she gets her pills 15 mins before lunch I still wish we had the head start nurse she went beyond what she needed to do. I guess I am lucky for not having have had the problem of forgetting pills. That's just not right and for a 3yr old to have to remember isn't right at all. Once again Keep up the good hard work!!!!

  2. Wow Erica, how dare someone question your decisions over YOUR children!

    I take my hat off to you for being able to do it, i'd love to be able to homeschool Sophie but I have to work. We couldnt afford to live otherwise.

    Completely understand why you are doing it though, they should have taken the responsibility seriously as any mistakes would have been detrimental to Hunters health.

    Ignore the haters sweetie, until they walk a day in our shoes (yours especially with having two children) they will never ever understand what stress, worry and care goes into keeping our kids as healthy as possible. Sounds like you will do better than any school could!

    Take care and (((hugs))) xxx

  3. Thanks everyone for the comments. It means a lot and I'm going strong for my kiddos!!