Monday, November 29, 2010

What the H**l is Going On!!

So in the last post, I posted about the nasal problems we have been having with Hunter. His Dr. says it's "normal" with having CF. If it's not the gut or the lungs, now we have the nose??
So he was put on Omnicef, because of a possible sinus infection. He has been on it for a week now with no luck. First they said allergies, ok I can deal with that. But he's taking zyrtec, singulair, AND nasacort. This happens like every single year. I called the nurse this morning and she called me back this afternoon. I explained EVERYTHING that was going on and what his Dr. was wanting to do if this antibiotic didn't help. I requested maybe a different antibiotic. He can't go back on bactrum, since he's been taking it so much. I just don't understand it. She said that she would talk to the Dr. and get back to me after speaking with her. Surprise, surprise, no call back. I called her and left another message. I'm getting mad.
I also spoke to the nurse about both of the kids' culture results. Hunters, suprisingly, came back normal but now Ren had something that showed up. Don't ask me the name, all I know is that it starts with an S and she had it last September too. So she may be going on something too. It's the time of year, it's the season. It hits these kids like you wouldn't believe. But, then again, I'm sure most of you completely understand.
When he breathes through his mouth, he's ok. But when he breathes through his nose, it sounds so stuffy. Nothing drains from it though. It sounds like it is so impacted with "junk".
Please, anyone that has dealt with this, please let me know.

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  1. Hi Erica, have you thought about trying sinus rinses with Hunter? I suffer terribly with mine and the one thing my specialist suggested was to do sinus rinses and to be honest they work really really well! Takes abit of practice and you may want to look around for a suitable product but lots of the CF community do it and have fantastic results, even with small children.

    Sending you lots of hugs.