Thursday, August 12, 2010

Marriage: Thru The Good Times And Bad

Today marks the day that Brandon and I started dating 10 years ago. We have been married for 6.
We have been through hell and back in our marriage a couple of times. Almost lost each other a couple of times. But God made sure that whatever obstacle we were going through at the time, we stuck it out. Wasn't always pretty that's for sure.
Having Hunter up at the hospital at 3 months old and not knowing what was going on, then right into surgery, and then staying in for 2 weeks, until he was finally diagnosed with CF. We had no idea what it was or what we had to do. At that point, Hunter was put on the meds he needed to be on and has only been admitted 2 times since then. That's a blessing in itself.
Then came Ren. She was a tough one. She came early by c-section. I went thru hell with complications after that. Then, still with staples in me, we were up at Childrens with her at 2 weeks old being admitted. Now, I'm sorry, but no one knows pain unless they have to lay in a hospital chair with staples in their abdomen for 2 weeks. But...I did it and I would do it again for her. And 5 more times that first year for Ren, she was up in the hospital.
During those first 3 months of her life, nothing worked. Meds...nothing. She was always backed up. No sleep from the pain she was in. Constant vomitting. Couldnt go anywhere or do anything. Sometimes I just wanted to go outside for some fresh air and I couldnt. I will tell everyone, I NEVER want to relive those first 3 months again. It put a damper on my relationship with Brandon. We were just "living" together. Everything was about Hunter and especially Ren. We fought. Bad. We got to a point where something needed to change. We were living in a two bedroom apartment at the time. It was hard. Kids would see us fight. We were just extremely exhausted from no sleep and hospital stays and missed each other.
Fast forward 3 years and we are going strong by the grace of God. We would not be together today if it wasnt for God. I can promise you that. I need Brandon so much in my life and I love my husband with all my heart.
People always think that after they get married, it's going to be peaches and cream, smoothe sailing. And maybe for some it is, but for the majority it just doesnt happen that way. If you don't enter a marriage based on a strong foundation, trust, love, and honesty, I dont know how marriages would last otherwise. Being married is challenging a lot of times.
Lives change within a marriage, lives change when you have kids. Lives DEFINATELY change when you have kids with a condition.
But what shouldn't change or get lost is the relationship a husband and wife have. Need to stick together through the good AND the bad times. Trust in God.

I Love You Hubby of Mine With All My Heart. Happy 10th Anniversary!!

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