Monday, August 9, 2010

Suck It Up and Think Positive

I've just really been in this "ugh" mode lately. I've been really tired today, barely motivated to do anything. But... I do anyways. I find the energy that I know the Lord can only give me. I have to get the house cleaned, I have to feed the kids, do laundry, treatments with the kids, bathe kids, then feed them again. Very exhausting I may add, more so this morning than any other morning. I tell you the truth...I told myself "Suck it up". I'm a mom, wife, and everything else and I don't have time to do the "wose me".
So, feeling better, having a positive outlook now and moving on.
The weekend went great. Had a blast at my parents house on Saturday. It was funny because my mom and dad are in such good shape, that when my mom wanted us to walk to this park with the kiddos, I was like, "Sure, no problem". Oh My Gosh. My legs were killing about half way there. It was kinda funny actually. My mom pulling the kiddos in the wagon now (both weighing a total of 116 pounds) and me barely making it. In the end, it was a really great day.
We have hockey practice tonight and looking so forward to that. The kids are so excited. I am so grateful that we found the coach we did for private lessons. The price he charges for both kids and all the extras he gives the kiddos, is unbelievable. This man has a heart. He's not in it for the money but only to give kids what they are searching for in hockey and helping them.
Maybe I see it more with him because he has a medical condition, and it seems to me that people that have certain ailments tend to have a softer heart. They, as well as I know, that every day needs to be given it's best. Live everyday and love everyone to the most. Very fortunate we are.

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