Thursday, August 5, 2010

Promise To My Kids

My promise to my kids

I've loved you since before you were born
I've loved you through all the trials and tribulations we have gone through together
Surgeries, needles, hospitals, Dr's beyond Dr's, the numerous medications

I never knew what true love and dedication was until I became a mom
A mom to not only one child with a special need, but two
A mom has duties and responsibilites to uphold and to give you all that you need to get through each day
Some moms have a little more to do

My promise to you:
I promise to always show you love
I promise to always give you an extra hug and kiss throughout the day
I promise to protect you with all my being
I promise to be there for you when you need me
I promise to discipline, to teach you right from wrong
I promise to always show you love
I promise to teach you about Faith, and the Lord
I promise to fight the fight with you
I promise to give you the best life I possibly can
I promise to show you love

I promise to be the best mom I can be

To my kids that know I love them but will they ever know how deep that love really goes. You are my life and my everything. Love my babies!!!

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