Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Clinic Visit...Not CF Clinic and What A Joke!!

So today we had an appt. about an hour away with the kids' "new" pediatrician. Even though we live that far away from their pediatrician, we opted to stay with this clinic being the nurses and Drs. know them and have known both the kids since day 1.
Today was a little interesting though. We have seen this Dr. before when their regular Doc was out, so today we had to spend $30 for the kids to be seen by him for their yearly check-up. I'm sorry, but when the kids are being seen every 3 months at the CF clinic, the last thing I'm concerned about is their peds office and being seen once a year.
Hunter asked me 3 times last night if they were getting shots at all. I said no. The fear that these kids feel with Drs. is something I will, nor most, will ever comprehend. I told them both that all we needed to do was talk. Their other Dr. decided to retire. 2nd one in 2 years.
This Dr. is definitely one that I don't prefer, but we need one so insurance will cover the kids' meds. Then a state program picks up the remaining copay, so that way there their meds don't cost a penny for us.
This Dr. has told me many times that I know more than him. Um...yeah, these ARE my kids. I know CF Dr. He tells me something that we should be doing but I will not do because we know what is best for our kids. I just nod. Uh huh, ok Doc.
He told me today that my kids are on the verge of being overweight based on their BMI. Excuse me Dr., my kids have CF and I will keep their weight on and up as long as I humanly can. My kids are not overweight, I will never see that. They're strong and they are fit and they need the "back-up fat" as I call it in case of any hospital stay or sickness. I won't back down, I don't care who it is. It upsets me a little because my kids understand what being "overweight" is. Can you please NOT say that while my kids are in front of you?? You don't understand, not one bit. Ren is 45 pounds and 3 and Hunter is 7 and weighs 77 pounds. My kids eat, nothing wrong with that. Period. But they are NOT fat.
This visit was a waste of time and money. They just wanted our money for the copay for the kids. They are in need of money. My kids are fine and healthy and here this Dr. that knows nothing about CF is telling me what I need to do. I just wanted to go.
So, the kids are fine. Went to my parents house after and saw my mom and my older brother which was nice. We are always remembering the old times and I miss the fact that we all live so far apart. But I guess that's life. At least we got to have fun with Uncle Dan before seeing him again on Christmas.
A very tiring day for us all and I think we are all just going to call it an early night. A lot of driving as it is always. But at least, if anything, the kids got what they needed and did need this appt. for their meds.
Day done and goodnight all!!


  1. Wow. That dr. obviously doesn't know how GREAT it is to have extra pounds as far as cfer's go. Good for you for keeping your kids at a healthy CF weight! I also get a little upset with the pediatricians since it seems like they know very little about what is best for my daughter and her cf care. Mommyformadeline@blogspot.com

  2. thank you so much for your support.

  3. Erica i'm actually speechless at that comment from the doctor. Overweight, OVERWEIGHT!? I hope he spends the money on a book titled "What is CF"? He should be applauding you, it's a good job you have a great head on your shoulders and you know better not to take notice of idiots like that.

    Take care xxx

  4. I totally agree with you Gemma. I couldn't believe it either. I just let him talk and we know we're not doing anything different. You know what, I think i WILL bring in a book on CF that we got for the kids explaing what it is and everything our next visit (next year) I appreciate the boost of confidence for me as far as what true idiots and morans who know nothing about CF try and tell me. They have no idea. Hope all is going well and I need to get updated on your blog as well. Love ya and take care xxx

  5. WOW I would have walked out. I fight to get Courtney to gain weight she is 7yrs old and only weighs 45lbs don't get me wrong I do feed my child :) There family doctor is not all that, but we hardly have any peds dr's here. I miss our old ped dr from Bel Air Maryland I loved here and my standards are high because of her. Hang in there don't let the doctor get to you. Stand your ground even though I know you will. You are lucky to have your kids at that weight.