Saturday, February 26, 2011

Signs...In more way than one--You Won't Believe This

Ok... to start out I want everyone to know that we are doing ok. A lot of appts. coming up not only for Hunter, for his sinus surgery, but an appt. to make sure mommy is ok as well.
Hunter has his surgery on March 25 and I have an important appt. on March 12.
But this is all on a different note.
We ordered tonight on tv the movie Paranormal 2. Once they got to the point of a ouigie board and the youngest sons name came up Hunter, we turned it off. There goes $5. Oh well!!
If anyone knows me, the house we lived in before, had "something" in it. We moved into an old farm house, where we were the first renters after the mom had past away in that house. This isn't it.
Around the day we moved in, there was something "weird" sbout the house.
After about 6 months to a year living in that house, I was trying to buckle Serenity into her car seat, Hunter was still in the house. As I was leaning over into the car, I felt 3 taps on my back. 3 taps. As I was still trying to get Ren into her seat, I was yelling at Hunter to get back into the house and I would get him in next. I go to turn around after buckeling her in, and Hunter was in the house the WHOLE time.
Second thing, I had happen and hubby was there for that. It was 2am and Brandon got up to check on the kids and they were asleep sound in their beds. I was already up and we go to lay back down, and all of sudden we hear this pounding on our 230/3am in the morning. We are able to look out our upstairs bathroom to our back door, and NO ONE was there. A hard pounding/banging that would wake you out of your sleep.
The other thing that happened to me was, I was going to throw out garbage at night one night at like 6pm. I stop dead in my tracks and hear this voice, plain as day, "No, not now." What the hell is that supposed to mean????
A lot happened at that house. I can say that my hubby never doubted me one minute. I think it was the 3am pounding on the door made him believe me, I don't know.
We have since moved but watching this movie tonight, it was $5 worth losing. Having the name Hunter in it, and the things that were happening, we had to just turn it off.
Spirits do exist. I don't have an explanation. They just do. I believe that. Being that we believe in God and so strong in our faith, we moved, and are in a better house right now.
That house was wrong. Beautiful....yes. But, it came with circumstances. We didn't know it at the time and just chalked it up to an old farmhouse in the sticks with things that "may" have happened. But the taps on my back were so real and I honestly thought it was Hunter. I KNOW I heard a voice, "No, not now" and don't understand that and don't want too at this point. You never know what the history is, even though I checked on it, and nothing showed up. You never know the history.
My husband will never doubt me or nor will I ever doubt him.
Believe in what you believe. I believe in God. And God wanted us out of that house and we are. Happy. Go with your feelings. Know that God is there to protect you in anything.
The signs are there if you are willing to see them.


  1. Woah. That's spooky!! I'd have been out that door like lightening, you are one brave woman erica!! How bizarre. Gave me chills reading that.

    Hope the appointments go well for both of you. Hope you are doing okay now?

    Take care xxx

  2. I hope all goes well at your appointment tomorrow Erica xx