Thursday, June 24, 2010

Death-So Final

Tonight, my mom called me and told me that one of my cats at home had to be put down. She was in so much pain and so old. It was kidney failure on top of blindness. I know she may be just a cat to some, but she was a part of the family. My cat, B.B., past away a few years ago, and was so hard on me. I think the hardest part with Sissy passing, is that Hunter had grown so attached to her. He was crying and praying to Jesus that he take care of her. He is writing a letter tonight to Sissy and wanting Jesus to come tonight and take it to her.

Death, is so final.

I am at a place in my life where I trust God with everything I have. Especially my kids with them having CF.

I don't understand though, and never will, why some go through so much pain. It's not fair. It never is. I see so many of my friends who are parents of children that have lost their kids to CF and it breaks my heart. Why? Why children??

The only thing I know is that the Lord has a bigger plan for them. Something, we here on Earth, will never understand.

Even though it was my cat that we lost tonight, she was a loved one who was part of the family, just like any child.

My heart just aches. It aches for my parents. It aches for Hunter. It aches for Me. It just aches. I am sad.

I ask the Lord for understanding and strength.

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