Friday, June 25, 2010

The Bag O' Meds

Going to go out to dinner tonight with my beautiful family and then make a pit-stop at Target pharmacy to get Hunter and Ren their meds.
It's amazing to go out to dinner and bust out the bag of meds. The reactions we get from people is overwhelming. There has only been one woman that has ever asked me "why" they take them.
People, instead of the daunting stares and hush hush of the talking (that we can still hear) why dont you ask. If people would just ask, I would be more than willing to not only explain the numerous meds they have to take but also inform them of this disease, Cystic Fibrosis.
We just do what we have to do and if it doesnt bother me, it wont bother the kids. This is who they are. This is all they know. Nothing wrong with it.
I am so proud of my children in the way that they take their meds the way that they do. They are so much stronger than I ever could imagine being.
There WILL be a cure. We need to keep praying. To think of a day where the kids would no longer have to take 12-15 meds a day just to eat and stay healthy is unimaginable at this point...BUT POSSIBLE.
I am going to stay positive for my children. They feed their energy off of me.
God is good. God is great. He can perform miracles. This I know. This my husband knows. This my children know. They are going to be taken care of no matter what. Jesus Loves Them and they know it.
I love my babies.

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