Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Kiddos

This is going to be the first blog of many to come.
Just to update on the kids:
Serenity was taken off of Creon last Saturday and put on Zenpep. So far, she has been doing pretty well. Her stools are still a little thick but at least her tummy doesnt hurt like it did.
Hunter will be getting off the Ultrase that he was put back on in about a month to go onto Zenpep. He was on Creon and that did not work for him either.
I get so mad at the FDA for not approving the pancrecarb and ultrase that so many people with CF were using. For so many, those were the only enzymes that would work. I just dont understand it, I never will. All I can do is pray about it, that they do eventually get approved, and do the best I can do to keep these kiddos healthy.

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