Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Clinic Visit Today

Woke the kids up this morning around 6:30 to get ready and leave by 7:30 to drive 2 hours up to Chicago for their clinic visit at Childrens. I was falling asleep in the van due to me only getting about 3 hours of sleep last night.
NOTE TO SELF: Do NOT drink Pepsi before going to bed.
We made it right on time and checked in. Went and had the kids do their PFT's.

Hunter Stats:
Lung function was 94%
In the 98% for his BMI

Ren Stats:
In the 99% for her BMI
Spo2: 97

So, we thought the kids were going to do labs today and we were so happy to find out that we could wait until the next Clinic visit in October. YAY!! It was 3 hours that we were in there for and then their Dr. tells us, "Well, since you are already here, Ren needs an updated chest x-ray." Ok I thought...better than labs. An hour and a half sitting in the waiting room for our number to be called. Ren did so well though when it came time for her to do it.
Needless to say, we were ready after that to just go. We were tired and so hungry. By the time we got home, I think it was around 4pm. So good to be home.
All in all, glad we went today, got it done with great outcomes.
Thank goodness for portable DVD players and McDonalds!!

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