Monday, July 5, 2010

Some Great News!

Yesterday was a really great day for us! We went to a new church and we ALL felt really comfortable and at home there. Hunter had a blast in his Class and met some new friends. Serenity, being that her eye was still really swollen from the bee sting on Saturday and doped up on Benedryl went with us into "Big Church" and did really well for us. We brought a coloring book for her and that kept her busy for the most part. She was clapping and singing to the music, it was great. August 12, Chris Tomlin is coming to our church for a concert and cant wait!! Love him so much.
Brandon posted on Craigslist his car that he was trying to sell and got 11 hits for it. We had put so much money into his car and then to find out it had a cracked engine. We just couldnt afford 3000 to put into it after what we already did. He sold it last night!! We are so happy and we can put that money towards another car for him and I can get my van back!
Health wise for the kiddos:
Serenity is doing a lot better. She is still on her antibiotic for her cough but doing well.
Hunter's throat still hurts being that he has strep. I really dont know if the antis are working or not. Going to give it today and if not any better, I will ask the Dr. for a different antibiotic.
We have our regular clinic visit tomorrow up at Childrens so that will make for a very long day. Labs this time and it's going to be hard, considering Hunter pushes the Dr. just for a throat culture.
I will update tomorrow on the kids and the clinic visit.

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