Thursday, July 8, 2010

On A New Venture

So, I have been thinking about an idea that I have had for a few days now. Only mentioned it to my parents and hubby. I am looking into and making contacts on how to get a commercial done for Cystic Fibrosis. I have prayed about it and really put some thought into it, being that life is so busy right now for me as it is. It's been pressing on my heart and I feel deeply that this is something I am meant to do. It's something that I feel people need to be aware of more so than people already do. And not very many know about it. I have ideas and can see in my mind how I want it to be done. I just pray and pray now that someone will say yes as far as taping the commercial itself for charity.
We need awareness. We need funds for research. We NEED the faces all around the world to be shown on this.
I am just asking for prayers and guidance that God takes me into the right direction and to come into contact with people that have light and open hearts to do this for the 70,000 people with CF out there that need to be heard.

On a medical note regarding the kids: Hunter is coughing now but his throat is getting better and better every day.
Serenity is still having her coughing episodes but still doing well. We did 3 treatments yesterday and doing another 3 today. Have to get the junk out of them.

Tonight is hockey practice and kids are excited about that. I actually have to contact the person that is willing to do private lessons with them and set something up for next week.

Feeling a little tired but so much to do. It's what keeps me going! :)

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