Saturday, July 3, 2010

Interesting but a Great Day!!!

Everything was great today. My parents came over, cooked out and had a really great visit. Perfect day to grill and be outside. The kids were able to play in the sprinkler and just have fun.

So, we were eating and shortly after we were eating, Ren started SCREAMING!!! And then Hunter started screaming. Then I jumped up and was not sure what was going on. A yellowjacket had stung Ren right by her right eye. The stupid bee was following her and then Hunter and then it was coming after me! Stupid bees.

So, we had to all come inside. Ren's eye started to swell and that's when I called the pharmacist. She said to give a dose of Benedryl and Motrin. And of course, no benedryl in the house, due to the fact the kids can't really have it because it dries up the secretions in them, and I had already given her tylenol. Aaaargh.

Then I called up to the on-call Dr. at Childrens and she was so sweet. Love Dr. Nevin. Apparently when she was younger she had stepped into a hive of yellowjackets. Ouch!!! She said that I was right about the Benedryl but she is having an allergic reaction to the sting being she was swelling up and to go ahead and give her some. I did and the swelling has gone down but she still looks like she got punched in the eye. She's feeling better though and that's all that really counts. Always something in the Kunkel house!! :)

We had a great time with my parents and really glad they came over. Don't get to see them very much even though we live only a half hour away. Just things get so busy. Life is busy, for everyone. I miss them at the same time though.

Going to a new church tomorrow. I'm really hoping this one is right for us. It sounds like it is. We are going to get there a little early to talk to the Childrens teachers and make sure they are aware of the kids' CF and that they can't eat any snacks unless it's Cheerios or something of that nature. I hope and pray they respect us and remember, most of all.

Hoping everyone has a great weekend and enjoys the nice weather while it lasts. Storms for the next 5/6 days. Ugh.

Love my parents and love my family.

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