Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Breathe Easy

Today was Connor Jones' day to be laid to rest. God called him home and he is breathing easy now and has his angel wings. I continuously pray for the Jones' Family for their loss.

Connor, without even knowing us, has touched our lives in so many ways. Especially me as being a mom to 2 CF kiddos. He has taught me to see the good in everything, he has taught me strength, he has taught me to live life to the fullest, and he has taught me to love those around me. He has touched thousands of people, people he doesnt even know...until now.

As a mom, I have learned to look at my kids and thank God for another day with them. I have learned to hug harder and give an extra kiss. I have learned that my kids are fighters and they don't even know it. To go through what they have been through - Hunter surgery at 3 months old, numerous hospital stays, many pokes with a needle, and Serenity--even more hospital stays (6 in her first year of life) many pokes with the a needle, I know my kids can do this. They know they can do this. Above all, God will do this for them.

I thank God that he brought Connor here. Even though he may be in heaven, he is still here with so many people in our hearts. He is truly and angel and deserves those wings. Breathe easy Connorman, and know that you will be missed by thousands.

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