Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Eating Healthy With 2 Children That Have CF

Sounds impossible right? Wrong. I swear by the low carb diet that Brandon and I are doing.

I hit my peek with weight. I cannot possibly, in my eyes, gain anymore. Nothing is worst than going to a clothing store, picking out a pair of pants, and none fits. Something had to be done.

Having 2 children with CF, honestly got the best of me this past year. I think, most in part, by homeschooling and the kids being home ALL day with me and me fixing their meals. A munch here, a munch there. Oh, did it all add up. The weekends are the worst though, and thing will be our first weekend on the carb diet. We have our hopes set high and know we can accomplish this.

As any parent with CF knows, the fattier the better. McDonalds was actually on our weekly meal list as well as ordering pizza over the weekend and any other day during the week I just didn't feel like cooking. I am doing this for me now. My kids will always get the things they need, I just do it in a different way. 20 carbs a day, exercise. I'm ready to lose the weight. 40 pounds and I will be on top of the world. I have to be happy with myself and within myself and lately I have just felt like a huge oompaloomp. I want my energy back, I want to be able to run and have fun with the kids without getting out of breath. I want it so bad that I am going to get it. I can see it's in reaching distance.


I don't anyone to get the wrong idea. My kids are still going to have McD's and fried foods and veggies/fruits. But I dont have to. I've come to realize that.

For me, this is an eye awakening. I do and do for the kids but never do anything to take care of me. Feel kinda selfish in a way. I know that I want to be around for a long time...if anything FOR my kids. Diabetes runs so high in my family. My mom is going through it right now and has lost so much weight on this diet and does not take any medications for her diabetes because she took chrage of her life. About time I do the same for myself.

If anyone wants to know more about the low-carb diet, I would be more than willing to share with you. It's not a carrots and celery diet by no means.

I have to stay around. I'll be dipped if I let food be in control of me. I am in control...I have taken control, finally.


  1. Erica I totally hear ya on the high cal high protein diet the CF'ers have to be on! In the 11 yr that hubby and I have been together I have put on almost 90 lbs!!! I just this week decided that enough was enough, can't get around, asthma is worse and lets not talk about clothes :{ I am not "following" a diet. I just have cut soda, lowered my carbs and cut out all the snaking which goes on non stop in this house. I wish you the best of luck and if your diet you are following works please message me what you are doing! Best of luck to you and Hubs and hope the kiddos are doing well...Hugs Lisa Samples

  2. I would love to hear about it, I too am not happy with my body or my weight, I have found my self doing the same thing I cook fatty foods for Courtney who has CF and DeziRae who doesn't but isn't where she should be for weight. I am READY for a change. Feel free to email me at teamcourtney65roses@gmail.com

  3. I hear you loud and clear too. In our household there are so many dietary issues Ari with CF, Mike jr needing a high cal but healthy not like Ari, Mike snr and myself cholesterol then to top it off diabetes for myself. Tyr is our 3 yrs old who has no med. issues.
    My big problem is trying to cover everyone on a budget and not cooking 5 different meals.

  4. I hear everyone single one of you guys. Lisa thank you for support and really looking forward to dropping these pounds.
    Mandie I will email you ok about what I am doing. You won't believe the foods I am eating and still high in fats and cals for the kids too. It really does work.
    My mom did this because of the diabetes. She got the weight off and I see her and my dad as proof that it does work. It's not cooking 5 diff meals, it's still eating bacon, chix, all meat/cheeses--you are just cutting out all the carbs.
    I thank you for your support and if you still have quest-please let me know.