Saturday, July 24, 2010

Money, Money, Money

Does it ever stop. Having to spend money. Um...NO!!! Our computer, which is only 3 years old and a really nice one, has been going cukoo on us. Shutting down while I am typing or doing whatever on it. Been happening for a couple of weeks now, and it was either throw the friggin thing out the window or take it to Best Buy to see what's going on. So...we opted for Best Buy. They said that the motherboard is bad and when that goes completely, the computer will be useless. Great huh. $650.00 on a computer and it's just a matter of time. Something to do with the surges. Could have been the storms. So now we are computer shopping. Most likely for a laptop instead of desktop. I NEED the computer as I do it for CF things and the kids use it for school. Not what we were expecting to hear today.
So, it's always like one thing after another. When does it stop, does it ever.
Brandon and I made it through our first week of our low carb diet and I have to say it went well. The weekends are the hardest part. Just a lot of "extra" meat, which isn't cheap, to have on this diet. So, we re-budget the budget. It's worth our health.
My discipline lately on the kids has been pretty good. We believe in spankings in our family. I grew up with them (A LOT I may add) and so did Brandon. The whole timeout thing and 1-2-3 thing we tried, but has not worked. So, I resorted to what we grew up with--spankings.
They are listening better, still have their moments...they are kids.
All, in all it's been good.
I just hate spending our savings on things that were supposed to last years. It's so frustrating because you never know what the future will hold. That's where faith comes in huh? God has always taken care of us before and has ALWAYS made sure we get and have what we need. God Bless!!

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