Thursday, July 15, 2010

Frustrated but OK

I am at the point to where I am so frustrated. I am trying so hard to get this CF commercial off the ground and have made so many phone calls, emails, etc. and every response I get is to either "start smaller" or "we can't do that". The feeling I have inside is to the point where I just don't get it. Why not be a part of something so great that would bring awareness and help all those out there with CF. I'm just disappointed in some people. I have to bring myself to the realization that I cannot do this on my own and control the way others think or feel. God has to lead me to the right people. I think for now, I am overwhelmed with the commercial thing. I am going to take a break and pray about it. I've contacted the local CF Chapter here in Chicago to see about doing something smaller to raise money for research. I'm just the type of person that has to do something/anything- about something that means so much to me. We will see where this takes me. I appreciate and love all the support that I have gotten from the CF community and will continue to fight, till the day I die, for a cure.

I love my kiddos to death and I look at them and am so grateful that God has blessed me with them. Life is hard, no one ever said it was ever going to be easy. But I know that as long as I have the Lord on my side and know that He is my strength, I can do it. I will do it. These kiddos deserve the best life possible and I know the He will provide.

I love my family and my CF family as well.

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