Friday, July 16, 2010

Love the Chaos

Today has been good. Kids have actually listened to me today, which makes things a lot easier. They have been very healthy and very grateful for that. Tonight, Nana and Papa, get to take the kids for an overnighter and get to spend time with them. The kids couldnt be more excited. It's weird being a mom. It's like during the day, they could drive you bananas. But when you check on them at night and they are sound to sleep, it's so beautiful. And I ALWAYS get a little sad when they are not in the house. It's always too quiet.

I love the chaos I have because without it, my kids wouldnt be here. I love the "listen to me" "get back here" and the "dont do that's". Because if I didnt have those I wouldnt have the kids.

I just thank God every day for all the great things he has done for my family and I.
I look forward to spending a nice evening with Brandon and taking the time out we need for each other. Sometimes we get lost with all that is going on throughtout the day. This will be good for us. A great way to start a great weekend.

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