Wednesday, July 28, 2010

CF Won't Run Our Life!!--Being Grateful

I think it's just busy, busy, busy and maybe it's getting to me? I don't know. I could just crawl into bed and sleep for a while. I can't stand not being busy though. It, in a weird way, keeps me going and going.
Kids are doing treatments now and as I look at them, I love them so much. I am grateful that my kids are healthy. I am grateful that my kids aren't in the hospital. I am just grateful to have them to hold and cuddle and give kisses to. I am grateful to be able to discipline them. I am just grateful that God has blessed me with these kids. The CF could always be worse for them and they could be going through rough times, but I am so grateful that even though we have times where we do have to go to Childrens or bumping up the lax, that it doesnt last for too long. It's able to be controlled.
Growing up I always imagined having children. Always saw healthy kids being born. Very rarely did I ever see any kids with any type of disability or disease. I thought that people just had healthy kids. I had always heard that being a mom was a hard job. But honestly, until you have a child with a disease that takes your whole day TO keep healthy and give meds so they can eat, no one will ever understand how hard it is for us moms who do this on a daily basis.
But to look at my kids, I see them. I don't see CF. I know it's there, but we are fighting it and my kids live a normal life. Just have to re-adjust it for some things that's all.
There will be a cure one day and my kids will be cured. I know God is good and He does miracles. I thank God for keeping them healthy and pray that He continues to watch over them.
I could have lost both my children-Hunter once as well as Ren. My kids are miracles and a true gift from God. Thank you Lord for trusting me to be the mom You know I am and to take care of your children.

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