Friday, July 30, 2010

Sleep Tight Goodnite Bite

My daughters little saying as she goes to bed. She took it from Sleep Tight Don't Let the Bed Bugs bite! Last night was quite the night. Brandon had to work the midnight shift so he would be able to go to the Rockford Air Show with us this afternoon. A very long night for me to start. Laid Ren down, then Hunter. Then Ren again and then Hunter again...and again. I felt like I was going back and forth all night. Until 11 when I went in to check in on them and they were sound to sleep.
When you look at your child as they are sleeping, I swear you see them in a whole new way. So peaceful and innocent. Dreaming princess dreams and flying fighter jets. It seems as if all the wrong they did during the day didn't even matter anymore. My kids are tucked in. Safe and sound.
The kids have been quite the handful lately and makes it even harder when Brandon is working and I have to do it by myself. It makes me, honestly, give single moms out there a lot more credit. Especially if they take care of little ones at home with a condition.
I am just thankful that this is a very rare thing that I do it by myself and I do have the help of Brandon. Just for sanity sake at night time.
I've learned to kinda keep that saying, "Don't sweat the small stuff" in tha back of my mind. Things that happen during the day are bound to happen. But at night, when you see your little ones sleeping so peaceful and sound, I just thank God that they are here at home in there beds, snug as a bug.
As my daughter would say after tucking her in, sleep tight goodnite bite. Life IS good.

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