Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Guessing Game

Yesterday was going good. Kids feeling great, no belly aches-no headaches. We left for hockey practice last night and when we got into the van after the kids were done, Hunter started to get sick. His face was flush, he was sweating profusely, complaining of his belly hurting now and his head. It's like, What the heck happened?
All through hockey he was fine.
Had to pull over twice to let him out of the van, due to the bag we had in there having a HOLE IN THE BOTTOM!! Smart huh? Check the bottom of puke bag before it's needed.
So we get home and he's no better. He goes to lay on the couch and daddy takes the stethoscope and makes sure he hears movement in his belly to make sure he's not getting backed up. He falls asleep on the couch, no dinner, nothing. Not normal for Hunter. Exhausted.
We take him up and lay him down. He throws up again. What is going on?? All these thoughts race through your mind.
Why is he throwing up? IS he getting backed up? Is he sick with a bug? Why did he shake and get all sweaty? Why was he getting headaches every day?
It's all a guessing game, especially when your child is just crying and complaining of everything hurting. Trying to figure out what is going on so you can help.
He woke up this morning, belly still a little upset. He ate very little breakfast but was able to keep it down. Have the windows open-fresh air. belly and no headache. Poof gone.
I'm not complaining, praise God, but the heck happened?? Was it the air conditioning? Was he overheated?

Hmmm... the guessing will continue .

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