Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Moms Are So Busy

So yesterday was a good day. For the most part. Hunter has been complaining of an awful lot of headaches and his belly hurting. My first thought...getting backed up. His headache got better but his belly was hurting all day until this morning.
Last night, the kids had hockey practice, their first one-with a personal coach. What a difference it made. They are going twice a week now. Our next session is tomorrow night. They are so excited.
But this morning, Hunter slept until 8:45, which is anything but normal. He's an early riser. I was going to give him until 9am to wake up but he woke within that time. Being that he still had not stooled, but only once yesterday, I loaded him with lax today. It's helped and he feels so much better.
When the kiddos were on antibiotics, I backed them off of the lax because it caused diarrhea. They were doing good for a while after they finished the antis but I know now, that they need to be at what they were before. They both are on 3 capfuls of miralax a day.
Sometimes, which is really hard for me, Hunter pretends he is sick. I'm guessing for attention. Ok, so with a mom that isn't dealing with their kids having a disease, it may not be as big of deal. But, you dont do that when you have CF. Brandon and I explained the story of the "Boy Who Cried Wolf", he got it and understood it, but how does a mom know if their kid is telling the truth? From a simple headache to seriously being under the weather.
So, I just treat it as though he is telling the truth and give him what he needs of course. But now I see Ren, pulling some things. Whenever Hunter needs tylenol, she all of a sudden gets a headache or something hurts, or her tummy hurts. It really is hard.

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